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Johnson County
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February Garden Calendar

Vegetables and Fruits
  • Draw garden layouts to assist with the planning process.
  • Review garden notes about successes and failure in the garden.
  • Order seeds for spring planting.
  • Select varieties and order new fruit trees.
  • Take a soil test if one has not been done the last five years.
  • Start broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage transplants.
  • Prune: 
    • Fruit trees like apples, pears and cherries.
    • Peach and nectarines just prior to bloom time.
    • Grapes, raspberries, and blackberries.
  • Incorporate manure or compost into garden areas for soil improvement.
  • Avoid working the soil when it is wet.
  • Check dates on stored seed packets. Sprout a few from each packet in a moist paper towel. Discard packets with poor results.
  • Start seeds for transplanting in the spring.
  • Check fall planted perennials and water if needed.
  • Watch for frost heaving of tender perennials and cover if needed.
  • Replenish winter mulch around roses and other plants.
  • Check bulbs in storage and discard if rotted.
  • Prepare catalog orders.
  • To prevent lawn suffocation, rake fallen leaves.
  • Review lawn service contracts and make changes.
  • Tune up and repair the mower to get a jump on the season.
  • Avoid injury to the lawn when the soil is frozen by keeping foot traffic to a minimum.
Trees and Shrubs
  • Check for rabbit damage on young trees and shrubs.
  • Water fall planted trees, shrubs, and evergreens if the soil is dry and not frozen.
  • Apply dormant oil for control of scale and mites.
  • Prune: 
    • Begin spring pruning. However, do not prune spring flowering trees and shrubs until after bloom.
    • Cut twigs and branches of spring shrubs and bring them indoors to add a splash of spring color.
  • Carefully remove snow from limbs with a broom.
  • On warm days, prepare garden soil for early planting.
  • Check plants for insects, mites or other problems and treat as needed.
  • Withhold fertilization until spring arrives.
  • Remove dust build up on plants by placing in the shower and washing off.
  • Water as needed, avoid letting roots set in water.
  • Keep plants out of hot or cold drafts.

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