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Twelve Hints for Your Home This Holiday

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1.  Use a car funnel with a long spout to fill the basin of your Christmas tree.

2.  Iron table linens weeks ahead and roll them on a cardboard tube – wrinkle free table setting.

3.  Set your holiday table a few days ahead of time and get out your serving dishes to make food preparation a cinch!

4.  Save money on wrapping paper by wrapping gifts with inexpensive plastic table cloths.

5.  Use a bath or dish towel for wrapping paper and make it part of the gift.

6.  Remove candle wax by scraping off as much as you can with an old credit card or spatula, then layer paper towels on top and bottom of the stain, use a warm, not hot iron to melt the wax and absorb into the towel.  Use a dry cleaning solvent such as Imperial Cleaner, Energine or Goof Off to remove the

remaining residue.  If color persists, use an oxygen bleach like Biz, Oxyclean or Clorox II.

7.  For easy release, spray measuring cups and spoons with cooking spray before measuring sticky ingredients such as honey, corn syrup, or molasses.

8.  Holiday table décor for less.  Use table salt, cotton balls, snowman figurines or a homemade ice sculpture to decorate your table.

 9.  Cut a flour tortilla into a snowflake, spray with cooking spray, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and then bake at 350 degree for 10 minutes.  It makes a fun and yummy wintertime snack for kids.

10.  Snow Painting for kids – If we get some snow…fill empty spray bottles with a mixture of food coloring and water.  Then head outside to color snow for some fun and creative pictures.

11.  Refresh ribbons and bows with your curling or flat iron.  It will make them look new in seconds.

12.  Use a removable hook (Command)upside down on the back side of the door to hang the loop hanger of a wreath on.

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