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Stop Aggressive Cardinals

Cardinals are common sights around homes, frequent visitors of birdfeeders and often desired by homeowners who enjoy the bright red plumage the males display. However, complaints sometimes arise in early spring as nesting pairs begin getting fiesty.

Northern Cardinal sitting in tree

 Cardinals will defend their territory and nests from other birds and especially from other cardinals. Sometimes what they percieve as a threat is their own reflection, which is often when homeowners get worried and frustrated as a bird attacks their window. Both male and female cardinals will display territorial behavior.

Luckily you only need to try changing the reflection your window displays to discourage the behavior. 


  • Try closing the blinds, especially when the cardinals are active.
  • Hang beads or shiny objects in front of the window to break up the reflection. 
  • Temporarily cover the outside of the window with fabric or newspaper.
  • Apply semi-transparent decals to the window to break up up the reflection.

Hopefully as they get busy rearing young they will be less worried about the other bird reflected in the window and you can return to your regular viewing setup. 

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