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Wildlife Proof Your Home

Hole in home siding caused by woodpeacker

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Fall is the time to evaluate your home for potential wildlife intruders. As cold weather approaches critters try to find access to your home for warmth and shelter from the elements. Walk the exterior of your house and look for these possible entry points.  

  • Make sure your chimney has an animal proof cap installed
  • Check the chimney and foundation for cracks and repair as needed
  • Install or maintain existing screens on dryer and roof vents
  • Check the roof for any missing shingles or small openings and replace or repair
  • Inspect the soffits for any holes or gaps and repair as needed
  • Inspect window well covers and repair or replace if needed
  • Inspect around doors and windows and make sure they fit tightly and have no gaps or openings

As you walk the perimeter of your house also pay attention for any access points to the roof and items that could hide cracks or holes allowing animals easy entry.

  • Are there tree branches overhanging or touching the roof? If so trim them back from the house.
  • Is there ivy growing up the side of your house? Remove from the house or take the time to inspect behind the vegetation for entry points.
  • Do you have plants that are obstructing the view of your foundation? Make it a point to look at the entire foundation, including the areas hidden by plantings and landscaping.
  • Inspect areas next to the foundation that are mulched or behind plantings for the tunnel and den entrances of small mammals.

Now is the time to get out and find the possible critter entry points to your home and take the necessary actions to prevent access.

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