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November Garden Calendar

Vegetables and Fruits

  • Sort apples in storage and remove spoiled fruit.
  • Clean and remove fallen fruit from around trees to reduce insects and disease next year.
  • Protect trunks of fruit trees from rabbit damage with tree wraps.
  • Take a soil test and make needed adjustments this fall.
  • Till garden soil and add organic matter.


  • Clean up the rose bed to help reduce disease next season. Cut back tall rose canes to 24 inches to prevent winter breakage.
  • Remove frost-killed annuals.
  • Till annual flower beds and add organic matter to improve soil.
  • Continue to plant spring flowering bulbs.
  • Depending on your gardening style, leave or cut back perennial stalks to 4 to 6 inches.
  • Apply a winter mulch to perennials and roses after several hard freezes.


  • Rake fallen leaves from the lawn to prevent winter suffocation.
  • Video: Tired of Raking? Try Mulch Mowing
  • Fertilize cool season lawns, bluegrass and tall fescue, with a quick-release high-nitrogen fertilizer to promote root development and early spring green up.
  • If needed, water turf so it starts winter with ample moisture.
  • Control dandelions, henbit, and chickweed before spring green up.
  • Continue to mow into the fall at 2 to 3 inches.

Trees and Shrubs

  • Water newly planted trees and shrubs.
  • Plant new trees and shrubs.
  • Video: How to Plant a Tree
  • Rake leaves and place in compost pile.
  • Check mulch layers and replenish.
  • Prune dead or hazardous limbs.
  • Wait to prune spring flowering trees and shrubs until after bloom.


  • Clean and oil garden tools, sprayers, and other equipment. Store them for winter.
  • Drain garden hoses and sprinklers and store indoors for increased life. If you decide to leave them outside, unscrew them from the faucets.
  • If fuel is to remain in power equipment, add fuel stabilizer. Otherwise, drain gas from power equipment for winter storage. Make any needed repairs.
  • Protect ornamental and fruit trees and young plants from rabbit damage by wrapping or enclosing in wire screen.
  • Start a compost pile with fall leaves.
  • Turn compost pile to hasten breakdown.
  • Start planning for next year.

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