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Johnson County

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Johnson County
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July Garden Calendar

Vegetables and Fruits

  • Harvest fruits of your labor and enjoy
  • Control weed growth to preserve water and nutrients
  • Fertilize vegetables to encourage plant development
  • Watch for foliar disease development on lower tomato leaves and treat with a fungicide
  • Prepare for fall gardening. Plant potatoes, broccoli, and other fall crops
  • Spray sweet corn to control corn earworms as silks emerge
  • Be on the lookout for pests of the garden and control
  • Remove old raspberry canes after harvest


  • Remove faded flowers from annuals to stimulate more flowers for late summer color, and from perennials to prevent reseeding
  • Keep gardens well mulched
  • Cut fresh bouquets for enjoyment on hot summer days
  • Lightly fertilize annuals to promote growth
  • Dig, divide, and replant crowded irises
  • Fertilize roses for fall blossoms
  • Fertilize and water container gardens
  • Complete the final pinching of chrysanthemum tips for bushier plants


  • Mow bluegrass and tall fescue around 3 to 3 1/2 inches
  • Mow zoysia at 1 1/2 inches
  • Fertilize zoysia to encourage summer growth with a high nitrogen fertilizer. Let grass clippings fall to return nutrients to soil and grass
  • Be on the lookout for summer diseases such as brown patch
  • Watch for grubs. If they begin to hatch, an insecticide may be required. Apply in late July or early August.
  • Keep mower blades sharpened
  • Replace lawn mower air filter and change lawn mower oil per owner's manual
  • Prepare to control perennial grassy weeds such as zoysia, fescue, and nimblewill
  • Take a soil test to prepare for fall lawn renovation
  • Water deeply and less often for deep roots and a healthy lawn

Trees and Shrubs

  • Water newly planted shrubs and young trees (planted within the last three to five years) during dry weather
  • Keep plants mulched to conserve moisture and cool roots
  • Remove sucker growth from the base of trees and along branches
  • Prune diseased, dead, or hazardous limbs


  • Water weekly by deeply soaking the soil. Use surface irrigation and avoid watering late at night to help reduce disease development.
  • Take photos of gardens

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Have questions? The Garden Hotline is staffed by trained EMG volunteers and Extension staff who will assist you with questions.

Phone: (913) 715-7050

Email: garden.help@jocogov.org