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Walk Kansas - Johnson County — March 15 -May 9, 2020

Walk Kansas logo


  • Registration now open!
  • Participants Fee: $10/person

Participants: Log On Here to Report Your Weekly Activity Minutes.

Walk Kansas is a team-based program that will help you and others lead a healthier life by being more active, making better nutrition choices, and learning positive ways to deal with stress.

Challenges this year:
Each team chooses one of these challenges. As your team moves through your selected trail, learn about points of interest through the online map.

  • Challenge 1 - 8 Wonders
    Each person reaches the minimum goal for physical activity -- 150 minutes per week. Collectively, the team would walk 435 miles as they discover the 8 Wonders of Kansas!
  • Challenge 2 - Cross Country
    A winding trail from Troy to Elkhart, requiring each person to log 4 hours per week, traveling 764 miles total.
  • Challenge 3 - Little Balkans to Nicodemus
    Walk the southeast part of the state known as the "Little Balkans," and then wind up and around to Nicodemus. This team will go 1200 miles and require each person to log 6 hours per week.
  • In this system, you log your activity in minutes. Please log only aerobic activity that's at least of moderate-intensity (where you can barely carry on a conversation). On the trail, we convert your activity from minutes to miles. 15 minutes is one mile.

How does Walk Kansas work?

  • Co-workers, family members, friends and neighbors form teams of six people who will track minutes of physical activity and food choices during the 8-week challenge.
  • The physical activity goal for each team member is 2 ½ hours (150 minutes) a week of activity, which is equal to 10 Walk Kansas miles.
  • Walking isn’t the only activity that counts. Anything you do for 10 consecutive minutes or more, at a moderate or vigorous intensity, can count. Strengthening exercises also count and these activities are part of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Click here for more info about these guidelines.
  • Participants will also record daily fruit/vegetable and water consumption. Participants are also encouraged to separately record and report their strength training exercise minutes from the aerobic exercise minutes.
  • Team members will record their progress every week on the www.walkkansas.org website.
  • You can check the progress of your team at www.walkkansas.org. Think of your participation with others as motivation, rather than competition.  You are setting personal goals and working to reach those.
How do I register a team?
  • Gather five other people who agree to motivate and encourage each other.
  • Get their email addresses. If they don’t have an email, get their address. Every participant should have their own email. If more than one team member shares the same email address, then use the email to register one participant while using a physical address for the other participant.
  • Choose a team name and agree on who will serve as captain.
  • Once you have your team's email/addresses, go to www.walkkansas.org and click on “My Walk Kansas” on the left-hand side of the website. Then click on the yellow Register box. Complete the Walk Kansas Registration page with your personal information as a member of the team. Choose the County/District group where you want to participate.
  • Next, select a program. Choose one of three challenges for your team:
    • Eight Wonders (423 miles): Each person must log 150 minutes per week
    • Cross Country (750 miles): Each person must log 4 hours per week
    • Little Balkans to Nicodemus (1,200 miles): Each person must log 6 hours per week
  • Check Team Captain to create your team. The system will identify your team by the captain’s name and you will have the opportunity to change this later.
  • List other members of your team and their email or mailing addresses (unfortunately, participants cannot share email addresses).  The system will automatically send an invitation (electronic or snail mail) to other team members asking them to register online.
  • The next page asks you to authorize a responsibility agreement and photo release. Each team member will do this also.
  • The next tab takes you to the Walk Kansas store where you can place an order for any of the available items.
  • Click the checkout button and follow instructions for payment.  The system automatically calculates sales tax on apparel items only, not program registration.
  • Select PayPal or send payment (cash or check made payable to Johnson County Extension Office) to:

Crystal Futrell
11811 South Sunset Drive, Suite 1500
Olathe, KS  66061

  • Your order will not be placed until payment is received in the Extension Office.

Participants Forms

Team Captains

What If I Don’t Have A Team Yet?

  • You can register online as an individual!
  • Go to www.walkkansas.org and click on “SIGN UP Here Now” then click the Register box.
  • Complete the required personal information.
  • When it asks if you are a team captain or individual, click Individual.  
  • Authorize the responsibility agreement, and place an order through the Walk Kansas Store, if desired. Note that orders are not placed or finalized until payment is received.
  • Send payment (cash or check made payable to Johnson County Extension Office) to:

Crystal Futrell
11811 South Sunset Drive, Suite 1500
Olathe, KS  66061

  • Extension Office staff will assist you in finding a team with similar goals.