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Johnson County

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Johnson County
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Kitchen Restore Project

Kitchen Restore Kit

Our Kitchen Restore Project strives to improve the nutrition, food safety awareness, health, and quality of life of Johnson County residents through the provision of basic kitchen items to those with minimal or no resources for cooking. Our goal is to provide kitchen essentials such as pots and pans, dishes, and utensils to help enable individuals to prepare nutritious meals at home.

Do you have kitchen items to donate or work with individuals who are in need of these items and could benefit from our project?



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Our Impact

We offer a full kitchen kit for those in situations that have left them with little to no kitchen items. We also work with families who may have some kitchen supplies but need a few more to supplement what they have, replace broken or worn-out items, or need based on their cooking preference. 


  • Kitchen Restore Kit Contents
    • Aging and Human Services
    • Catholic Charities Olathe 
    • Catholic Charities Overland Park
    • Johnson County Community College
    • SafeHome
    • Shawnee Community Service
    • Olathe Head Start

Reasons for needing a kitchen kit

    • left an unsafe home
    • lost in a disaster
    • moved from out of state
    • never owned
    • previously owned but broken/no longer have


    • 2023 | 135 Kits | 160 youth and 203 adults