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4-H Volunteer Opportunities in Johnson County

How could you inspire the next generation?

There are many ways in which individuals may volunteer for 4-H. While many 4-H volunteer roles involve working with youth, others do not. Here are a few of the ways you can volunteer as well as a brief description:

A youth volunteer is an older 4-H member with the ability to function in any 4-H volunteer role. Examples include mentoring younger 4-H members, serving on a 4-H Committee, Camp Counselor, 4-H Ambassador, Junior Leader, etc.

A 4-H Committee member is an individual who contributes time, energy, resources, or talent to any 4-H sponsored committee.

A special emphasis volunteer is an individual who works with a 4-H group which offers a series of activities designed to meet the needs and interests of youth within a community.

A club leader is an individual who works with a 4-H community or project club. The club leader's function is to assist the club's members as they plan the club's program, conduct club business, and enroll individually or as a group in one or more 4-H projects. They also serve as the primary liaison between the county 4-H professional and the club's membership, parents, and other advisors in that club.

A project leader assists 4-H members with project experience in a given subject matter area.

A SPIN Club leader typically just requires a short term commitment. Whether your passion is sailing, robotics, community theater or ... whatever! 4-H SPIN (SPecial INterest) Clubs offer a new way for you to share your skills and knowledge with youth in your community. Please check out our SPIN Club page for more details.

A Project/Event Judge helps by judging a specific project or event. The Johnson County Fair and 4-H Club Day are the two main events where judges are needed. At the fair, judges will judge a specific project. At Club Day, judges will judge the events that take place. For more information please click Johnson County Fair or Club Day to learn more about each event.

Although most people think that 4-H volunteers work with 4-H members, this need not be the case. A person or group may volunteer for 4-H by assisting Extension staff, other 4-H adult volunteers, by working on special projects, or by helping at the fair, camp, school enrichment or other events. 4-H volunteers may work in their home, at the Extension office, at a camp or fairgrounds, or almost anywhere. Contact your local Extension Agent to make him/her aware of your interest and abilities. There is probably a volunteer opportunity waiting to be fulfilled.

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