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Johnson County 4-H Food Fare

For 2021's Food Fare each club will work to create a Food Gift Package that will be delivered to local community heroes of the club’s choice. Think about an individual or organization that might appreciate some homemade goodies (nurses/doctors, first responders, fire fighters, etc.). Every year there is a theme and that has not changed this year! The Food Fare theme for 2021 is Board Games. The purpose of this event is to provide clubs an opportunity to demonstrate citizenship, food safety, creativity, and food science skills. A representative from the club must sign up with your selected theme and remember, no repeats so be creative!

See the entries:

Club Reimbursement Sheet (1 per Sheet / 4 per Sheet)

Guidelines for Food Fare

  • Each club is responsible for identifying an individual/organization to donate their food gift package to. The package must contain 1 letter from the club to the recipient. In addition to the club letter, individual letters/cards from 4-H’ers may be included and are encouraged!
  • Please avoid glitter when putting together your food gift package.
  • Coordinate contactless drop-off as much as possible.
  • The Food Gift Package must contain at least 4 different types of home baked goods individually packaged, made by the 4-H members, in a suitable container no larger than 18”x18”x18”. We recommend sharing a family recipe to make it extra special.
  • Each type of baked good must have a card with it that includes:
    • Name of the item
    • Recipe with list of ingredients
    • Description of the food safety precautions that were taken during and after preparation
  • The Food Gift Package must be delivered during the month of January and a submission to the Extension office must be made no later than February 14, 2021. 
  • A complete submission must include all of the following:
    • 3 photos of the decorated gift package from different angles
    • A photo of each food item
    • The card for each food item
    • Copy of the letter from the club
    • Original receipts (Up to $50 per club will be reimbursed.)
    • Instructions on how to submit these items will be sent later to participating clubs.
  • Extension Master Food Volunteers will serve as judges for the food gift package submissions. Packages placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will receive a donation to the club.

Guidelines for Food Items

  • All items included in the gift package must conform to the rules and regulations of the 4-H Foods and Nutrition division at the Kansas State Fair.
  • The gift package may not contain alcoholic beverages.
  • All food must be:
    • Non-perishable (no food should require refrigeration)
      • No egg custard or cream cheese type filling and frostings
      • No canned goods
      • No raw flour in the final product
      • No alcoholic or cereal malt beverage in the preparation of food item or in final product
    • Individually packaged in clean, new wrappings or bags
    • Baked in a clean kitchen following all food safety guidelines set by K-State Research and Extension
  • Recommended items:
    • Cookies, breads (yeast and quick breads), cakes, cinnamon rolls, fruit pies, fruit cobbler, brownies, muffins (products that do NOT require refrigeration for safety)
    • Hard candies, caramels, toffee
  • Use the publication “Judge’s Guide for Foods and Nutrition Exhibits” for information to help you make informed, safe food exhibit decisions. Find it at https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/pubs/4h488.pdf


During a typical year there are two ways to be involved in Food Fare:

  • A Food Fare Booth is organized by a club and relates to the theme.  No two Food Fare booths look the same, but booths usually consist of about 3-6 homemade food samples and decorations. Tables and paper supplies are provided by the Extension Office and clubs are reimbursed for some, if not all, of the food they purchase. This is a great opportunity for 4-H'ers to get the chance to plan and carry out a menu as well as improve their cooking skills.
  • A Food Fare participant gets to visit each booth at their own leisure and taste all the delicious food! It's free to all 4-H families but we do ask that a food donation be brought for the food bank. Families also must preregister so each booth makes sure they make enough food for all attending participants. It's a fun opportunity for the family to get to try tasty food and maybe get some new recipe ideas.

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