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Johnson County
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4-H Contacts and Orientation

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Here at Johnson County Extension, the 4-H Youth Development Program has so much to offer the youth of the community. With such an abundance of clubs, projects and programs, volunteer areas, etc. comes an abundance of paperwork, dates, and deadlines that members are tasked with abiding by to be successful in the program. This can be overwhelming for 4-H members new and old, especially when considering the busyness in the life of the modern family units. That is why we would like to provide some advice to families on how to maintain the balance of 4-H activities and obligations and avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

Welcome to the beginning of a new 4-H Year! Whether it is your first year or you’re a seasoned veteran, you will probably have at least a question or two sometime this year. Communication of your questions is key. We are always here to help at extension but sometimes a volunteer may be best resource depending on the topic and nature of the question. The guide below

When should I talk with my Community Club Leader?

A club leader is an individual who works with a 4-H community or project club. The club leader's function is to assist the club's members as they plan the club's program, conduct club business, and enroll individually or as a group in one or more 4-H projects. They are the best resource for all events and activities exclusive or specifically pertaining to their respective clubs.

When should I talk to my Project Leader?

A project leader assists 4-H members with project experience in a given subject matter area. This makes project leaders the best resource for all things pertaining to their respective project or project area.

When should I talk to my 4-H Youth Development Extension Professional(s)?

4-H Youth Development Agents develop and deliver educational programs. This includes supporting community clubs, out-of-school programs, school enrichment, volunteer management, and outreach to create new program opportunities with new and existing community partners. All other questions can be referred to extension professionals and even those discussed above.