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Johnson County


Agritourism is a growing industry. It combines tourism with our rich agriculture heritage. And it gives people who are generations removed from the farm a chance to see and experience some of agriculture’s sights, sounds and tastes. You may want to visit the Kansas Agritourism web site for a list of registered companies or to learn more about how you can become a registered site. Some of our Johnson County Agritourism sites include:

In our area, a couple of farm tours are hosted each year so you can get up close and personal with local farm and Agritourism operations.  Check out the web site for the Kaw Valley Farm Tour at http://www.kawvalleyfarmtour.org/ and the Miami County Farm Tour at http://www.miamicountyks.org/484/Spring-Farm-Tour

With the resurgence of local grape production in Kansas, wineries are making a great comeback. Check out these links to Kansas Wine resources and local Johnson County Wineries.

Kansas and Missouri Wine Links:

Johnson County Wineries:

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