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Johnson County

Current News

Knowledge For Life Newsletter:

100 year anniversary logoJoin Us! Centennial Celebration

Saturday, September 30 10a – 3p

100 years of service: Johnson County Cooperative Extension
celebrates its centennial anniversary

Free Income Tax PreparationFree Monthly Income Tax Assistance by Appointment

oak leaf itch miteOak Leaf Itch Mites in KC: What we do know
and what we don't know April 2017

Publication: Oak Leaf Itch Mites

Soil sample in pyrex cup and soil test form Free Soil Testing for Johnson County Residents

AG Soil Testing

Johnson County K-State Research and Extension Master Gardener logoFor Lawn and Garden questions click here.

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday,
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Map to our office

Kansas State University is committed to making its services, activities and programs accessible to all participants. If you have special requirements due to a physical, vision, or hearing disability, contact Johnson County K-State Research and Extension, 913-715-7000.

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