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Johnson County

Becoming a Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

Extension Master Gardeners build trellises in the Garden Gallery demonstration garden

  • Application Deadline: Closed. We will start accepting applications next May 2019 for the Class of 2020.

If you have a passion for gardening and would like to share horticulture information with others, consider volunteering with the Johnson County Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs).


  • Date: Check back in 2019
  • Time: 1 – 3pm
  • Location: Extension Office

Interested in learning more about the EMG program but not sure it is for you? Come to the orientation session and learn more about the exciting opportunities in the Johnson County Extension Master Gardener volunteer program.

EMG Basic Training Dates for Class of 2019:

  • Dates: Tuesdays, September 18 through November 13 (except October 16 - no class)
  • Time: 9 am – 4 pm
  • Location:  Johnson County Extension Office (Map to office)

Johnson County EMG Acceptance Process

We accept one EMG "class" of new volunteers each year. We accept about 30 people each year and usually have more applicants than openings. Our selection process takes into account garden experience, volunteer experience, and overall enthusiasm for public service and the mission of the EMG program. We also look for people who have ample free time during the weekdays, since this is when the majority of our projects and trainings occur.


  • Application Deadline: closed

Deanna Rose Farmstead Extension Master Gardener Butterfly-garden crew

Application Guidelines For Participation

  • Be a resident of Johnson County
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Possess a broad interest in horticulture
  • Understand the value of volunteering
  • Support the objectives of the EMG program and the Extension programs of the Johnson County Extension Council
  • Attend the 56-hour basic EMG Training Course held on Tuesdays, September through November
  • Complete 40 hours of volunteer work with Advisory Board-authorized activities, including at least three EMG Hotline shifts, by September the following year of training
  • Continue an annual commitment to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours on volunteer projects, and attend at least 10 hours of EMG advanced training
  • Agree to support the Extension pest control policy based on a combination of sound horticulture practices, "organic" controls, and chemical treatment as necessary
  • Pay $125 entrance fee to cover the cost of materials, trainer's fees, meals and other expenses

Horticulture agent Dennis Patton instructs EMG trainees during a classroom training session

If you have any questions about the EMG program or the application process, please contact Dennis Patton, at Dennis.Patton@jocogov.org or (913) 715-7000.

K-State Research and Extension Johnson County Master Gardener logo

We will start accepting applications for the Class of 2020 Johnson County Extension Master Gardeners May 1, 2019.

Completed applications can either be mailed to office address or emailed to Tracy.Hemsath@jocogov.org

Contact Us

Dennis Patton
Horticulture Agent

Karen Bailey
Extension Master Gardener Coordinator