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Found Money

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Twney dollar bill in storm grateI love found money. You know, when you get a windfall, no matter how small, that you weren’t expecting? An offer of found money may sound too good to be true.  Scams are so prevalent today, that we all really need to be mindful and cautious before clicking on a link in an email or responding to a telephone call.

But, information in this article about found money is actually legitimate. Each year, the Office of the Kansas State Treasurer acquires millions of dollars in unclaimed money and property. Common types of unclaimed money and property include:

  • Inactive savings and checking accounts
  • Uncashed checks
  • Stock shares and bonds
  • Dividend checks
  • Insurance proceeds
  • Mineral royalties
  • Utility deposits
  • Safe deposit box contents

Businesses, as well as state and local governments that have held the property for a specified period of time and cannot locate the rightful owner are required to turn the property over to the State of Kansas. Then it becomes the responsibility of the Office of the Kansas State Treasurer to return those dollars or property back to the rightful owners. 

You can do a search for unclaimed money and property free and easily on line at the Kansas State Treasurer’s website www.kansascash.com. The website is legitimate. You won’t be charged a fee of any kind when using this specific website to search or claim your lost property.

With that in mind be aware that there are websites offering to help you find unclaimed money or property, and expect you to pay a fee for their services. You may be contacted by an individual or firm offering to return unclaimed property to you for a fee. They will ask for a credit or debit card number to charge you for recovering your unclaimed property. The fee could exceed the value of the property itself.  

Could you use some found money? Maybe you could add a little to your emergency fund, or make an extra payment on your credit card bill. Spend a little time on www.kansascash.com. You may find a little money to spend or save.

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