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Growing Grapes in Johnson County, Kansas

As a general guideline, grapes are planted about 6 to 8 feet apart in rows, and if you have multiple rows, each row is spaced 8 to 10 feet apart. You see how quickly you can use up a large area of property with just a few plants. If you have a few acres, you will generally plant about 600 vines per acre.

In addition to spending time contemplating varieties to plant, you will also need to think about

  • soil testing,
  • fertilization,
  • possible irrigation,
  • establishing a trellis system, and
  • how to deal with potential insect, disease and wildlife pests.

Remember, you also have a lot of other commercial folks who are growing grapes in the region. A good place to network and gain access to their expertise is through the Kansas and Missouri grape growers associations. These groups generally have educational meetings throughout the year and can be a very good source of information.



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