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Johnson County

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Johnson County
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Fun AG Facts

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There are many surprising facts in the world around us, but did you know…
  • One bushel of wheat contains a million individual kernels
    • weighs about 60 pounds
    • makes approximately 42 pounds of white flour, or
    • 60 pounds of whole wheat flour.
  • On an ear of corn, there is one silk strand for every kernel.
    • One tiny grain of pollen from the tassel (top part of a corn plant) must land on each silk in order for each kernel of corn to be produced.
  • A corn cob will nearly always have an even- number of rows on each cob. Count them next time you enjoy an ear of corn.
  • Soybeans are used to manufacture many commonly found household products including ink, sunscreen, lotion, candles, particleboard, tofu, and crayons.
  • A dairy cow produces about six to seven gallons of milk per day.
  • A handful of soil contains more microorganisms than the population of the entire world.
  • It takes between 100 to 500 years to form an inch of top soil.

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