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Forage Testing Will Help You Determine How Much to Feed Livestock

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Do you remember the warn days of June and July when hay was being cut and put into bales of hay? Or was it August or later because of the rainy year we had? Either way, testing your hay to find out the protein and energy content is the only way to know how much you need to feed this winter.

A forage test is as simple as taking a soil test, especially if you have a forage probe. The probe fits on the end of a cordless drill and allows you to take core samples out of small square or big round bales. After you’ve taken several samples, mix them together in a bucket. From the mixture, pull out enough hay to fill a gallon Ziploc bag, and send it to your favorite lab.

If you need help with a lab suggestion, want to borrow a forage probe, or need help making sense of the results, give me a call or stop by the office for a visit.  Also check out K-State’s publication on Forage Sampling Procedures and Equipment.

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