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Beekeeping in the Suburbs

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Bee hiveBeekeeping has become a popular activity lately, especially for those that live in suburban areas and don't have large plots of land. If you're wondering where to begin with your beekeeping endeavors, the first thing to figure out is what city ordinaces exist regarding beekeeping where you live. 

Several cities in Johnson County have ordinaces that regulate beekeeping and may even require beekeepers to purchase a permit. Many ordinaces have regulations on how far hives must be set back from property lines, whether a structure must be added to encourage higher flying paths of foraging bees (typically a minimum height of 6 feet), and also ensure that fresh water is always available. 

Beekeeper and bees

If you happen to live in the city limits, the good news is that a growing number of cities are allowing beekeeping.
Honeycomb from beehivePrairies Village just recently approved an urban beekeeping ordnance and they join others like Lenexa, Mission, Olathe, Overland Park, and Shawnee in allowing residential bee keeping. Some links to current municipal codes regarding Beekeeping in Johnson County are listed below:*

Lenexa Municipal Code

Mission Municipal Code and Mission Beekeeping Permits

Olathe Municipal Code

Overland Park Municipal Code

Prairie Village City Code

Shawnee Municipal Code

If you’re out in the countryside, especially the unincorporated portion of the county, chances are good that rural zoning poses few if any restrictions on beekeeping. To be on the safe side, a call to your county planning and zoning office will make sure you’re good to go.

Just be sure to check with your city or county before you set up a hive! 

*Not intended to be a comprehensive list. Always check for updates in your area.

Other Resources

Wild bees naturally swarm in the spring. If you find a bee swarm on your property these beekeepers are available to come and remove the swarm. Please do not destroy the swarm. Bees are under environmental pressure. They are valuable pollinators for the local agriculture industry.

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