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Johnson County

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Johnson County
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Olathe, KS 66061

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Director's Corner

Johnson County Extension Education Foundation

by Tara Markley, county Extension director and Community Development agent

The Johnson County Extension Education Foundation (JCEEF) was started in 1997. The mission of the foundation is to support education through Extension. The purpose of the JCEEF is to support the Johnson County Extension Service by:

  1.  Promoting awareness of the services and educational programs to the citizens of all ages in Johnson County
  2. Encourage educational and research programming
  3. Develop and recruit financial support.

There is a Board of Trustees who work year-round on their annual fundraising event which occurs in February each year. The proceeds from this event and the annual membership drive help to support their grant awarding cycle. The current main activity of the JCEEF is to provide over ten thousand dollars in grant money, each year, to be distributed to Extension programs which support the JCEEF’s mission.

There are six objectives which the Foundation strives for:

  1. Promote public awareness of Extension.
  2. Encourage educational programming to meet today’s needs and issues.
  3. Share with the community research programs and results.
  4. Increase donations for educational programming and scientific research.
  5. Develop leadership skills for all ages as they serve their community.
  6. Provide grants for projects, programs and/or other services to groups and/or individuals working with the Johnson County Extension Program, which support the Foundation’s Mission Statement.
For over twenty years the Foundation has been helping support a wide variety of Extension programs to enhance the quality of programs and services expected by our Johnson County residents. Thirteen grants were awarded for 2018, ranging from helping to support background checks for any volunteer who works with youth to a permanent sign for our Extension Master Naturalist Pollinator Prairie project. The breadth and depth the JCEEF supports is outstanding.

If you are interested in learning more about the JCEEF there are several ways to become involved.  
  • Want to become a member? Click here.
  • Want to volunteer for a committee (marketing, event planning, decorations, sponsorship, etc.) contact tara.markley@jocogov.org
  • Interested in stepping up and becoming more involved in the foundation? The board is looking for you! If interested please contact larryjustice@comcast.net

A few photos of grants awarded to support Johnson County Extension programs:

Bonding with Board Games

Bonding with Board Games

4-H Goat and Lamb Clinic

4-H Goat Clinic

4-H Goat and Lamb Clinic

4-H Goat and Lamb Clinic

Extension Master Naturalist Signage

Extension Master Naturalist Sign

Contact Us

Tara Markley
County Extension Director