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Johnson County

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Johnson County
11811 S. Sunset Drive
Suite 1500
Olathe, KS 66061

(913) 715-7000
(913) 715-7005 fax

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Johnson County 4-H Volunteers

Our program would not be nearly as successful as it is without all of our volunteers. These individuals donate their time, efforts and money so that the Johnson County 4-H program can excel. The Johnson County 4-H Youth Development Program depends on adult volunteers to help youth gain the five life skills; a positive self concept, an inquiring mind, a concern for the community, healthy interpersonal relationships and sound decision making. Staff and parents trust these volunteers to have the best interests of young people at heart.

Unfortunately, there are some adults we should not trust based on their past behavior. We can no longer ignore our changing society. Child safety is a major concern in Kansas and the United States. Child abuse is widespread--it is not limited geographically, socio-economically, racially, ethnically or by age. This is both a rural and an urban problem. Safety of young people is a shared responsibility between volunteers, Extension staff, K-State Research and Extension, and the state. We need to do our best to protect young people through the implementation of a youth protection system. In Kansas, the youth protection system is the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Information Profile (VIP) process.

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4-H Volunteer Policy and Procedure

Steps to become a Johnson County Registered 4-H Volunteer:

  1. Application (Completed by applicant)
  2. Create a profile on https://4honline.com/
  3. In person interview (Completed by applicant and Extension Office) Volunteer Screening Interview Template
  4. Orientation (Completed by applicant)
  5. Background/Reference Check
    1. Adults (18+) only: Criminal Background Check (Completed online by applicant) Step by step instructions 
    2. Youth (17 and under) only: We will contact the 3 references (one 4-H affiliated adult) listed on your Volunteer Application. (Completed by the Extension Office)
  6. Board Approval (Completed by Extension Office)

Once you are a Registered Volunteer

  1. Fill out the Renewal annually. (Completed by Applicant)
  2. A Background Check will be required every 3 years. (Completed online by Applicant)

Who Must Complete the VIP Process?
A volunteer, adult or teen, with authority to independently plan and conduct educational experiences for youth with other adults present or in a public setting OR a volunteer whose position puts them in close, ongoing, one-to-one interaction with youth must complete the VIP process. Volunteer roles include, but are not limited to, judging team coach, community leader, organizational leader, project leader, camp counselor, camp assistant, Discovery Days or other event chaperone, exchange trip chaperone, chauffeur for any 4-H activities, and county-wide project leader.

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4-H/Youth Development Agent

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4-H Youth Development Program Manager

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