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Science Matters Project


Science Matters is a program sponsored through a partnership between Bayer and National 4-H Council.  The program will consist of 15 teens ages 14-18 who will form three teams to develop a community action plan from the information gained at the National Youth Conference on Agri-Science.  Their goal will be to  identify an issue in the community and find a solution to it with the support of Bayer mentors. 

This experience will deepen the teen’s understanding of how science connects to food, animals, and health while sparking interest and learning more about Agri-science careers.  The teens will have an opportunity to meet other leaders from across the nation  while forming a bond with local teen leaders. 

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2018-2019 Highlights

Animal Nutrition (#FatorFit): The Animal Health group aimed to educate pet and hobby livestock owners on how to achieve and maintain ideal weight for their animal using the body condition score system.  They created informational flyers on the importance of healthy feeding habits and handed out food scoops to encourage families to take action. 

Water Quality (#SlowtheFlow): The Water Quality group aimed to improve water quality in Johnson County and educate the community about the importance of waste reduction and improving water quality by reducing run-off.  The team hosted a river clean-up, created a culvert, and hosted hands-on learning stations at community events to raise awareness on this important topic.  

Food Waste (#WatchYourWaste): The team's desire was to make our community aware of food waste issues and to take personal action in reducing this problem.  The team conducted research and worked with several community advisors to create a brochure, plinko game, and lesson plans to educate the community.  They shared their learning at the library, toured Missouri Organic compost sites and delivered lessons to middle school classrooms. 


2017-2018 Highlights

Animal Health: The animal health group created 13 informational flyers for pet and livestock owners to educate them on zoonotic disease and how to prevent them.These flyers will be distributed to the public via Johnson County veterinarian clinics.

Food Insecurity: They are working at a senior living site to educate the residents about gardening as well as how to prepare the food they grow. They also created a survey and want to take their findings to the County Food Policy Council.

Water Quality: The water quality group is working on lesson plans that target 5th graders. They plan to present their lessons to a classroom as a test run before making the kits available to teachers all over Johnson County.


Animal Group Food Group 2018 Water Group 2018

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