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Johnson County

Mold Cleanup After Home Flooding

Here are a few tips for dealing with mold after a flood:
  • If the area is less than 10ft square, you can probably handle the clean-up yourself. If it is larger than this 3ft x 3ft you need to hire a professional to clean it up.
  • Use a detergent and water solution for cleaning mold, unless there is any sewage in this water, then use chlorine bleach to disinfect hard surfaces.
  • Flood damaged furnishings that cannot be easily cleaned, need to be thrown away. Anything that has come in contact with sewage need to be disposed of.
  • Carpet and carpet pad need to be removed and disposed of so the floor can be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

For more information on clean up after a flood: www.epa.gov/mold

To get a mold testing kit: www.moldetect.com

Health and safety concerns of mold www.cdc.gov/mold

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